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It's so easy to make a difference! Thank you for taking your time to provide Texas scientists this incredibly valuable information!

We have two ways for you to do the Take 2 for Texas surveys. You can do the quick and easy Bottle Count in 2-5 minutes all total. If you're feeling like a longer trash cleanup, we have the optional STOP Survey that will take 30-45 minutes.       



Find a spot along a waterway. You will count every beverage bottle you pickup. Only one person should count/ pickup during your two minutes.


  1. Count bottles for two minutes as you walk along slowly and pick them up.  Look carefully, bottles are great at hiding and being hard to see!                                        

  2. At the end of the two minutes write down your count as total number of bottles. Put the bottles in a recycling or trash can.                     


Go to the Take 2 for Texas website and report your number of bottles.


That's it! How easy was that?

If you're a awesome person that likes to go above and beyond, we have the STOP (Study, Track, remOve and Prevent) Survey you can do in the same location as the Bottle Count.


TLD RECTANGLE 2.22.2021 (1).jpg

  1. Along a 100 ft line, pick up every single piece of trash you see. (If your spot is EXTRA trashy, you can do a shorter line like 10, 20, 50, etc. Just be sure to record the length on the datasheet!).

    • Try to get any piece of trash the size of a cigarette butt or larger.

    • On plastic film and stryrofoam fragments, there may be just too many broken bits to count. You can do a visual estimate in those cases.                                                             

  2. After you've collected all the trash, record the number of individual items on the STOP datasheet.

    • Be sure to mark trash in the correct row and to fill out your site information!

Once finished, you can submit your data here:

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